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Stop using , For Your Company

If your email address looks unprofessional, you are losing customers. You will be clueless, because they will not have contacted you!

Why your email address may be driving away customers

A lot of small businesses opt to keep their old, personal, generic email address e.g.,,

The second one, right? It all hinges on trust. The personal email address smacks of amateurism, which will lead potential customers to start second-guessing: Is this business legitimate? Can I trust them to deliver?? 

On the other hand, the address with a business domain conveys professionalism, reassuring a potential customer that this is an honest, established business they can rely on.

Google surveyed businesses that started out life with a personal email address, then switched to an address with a business domain later on. 60% of these businesses reported an increase in customer engagement and 42% reported an increase in sales as a result. That’s a massive result for something as seemingly minor as changing the words after the “@” symbol. But that’s because, it’s not minor—the domain instills trust.
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